Crosby United Junior Football Club

  The club was founded 25yrs ago, with just one team which was known as Gunness JFC. As the club grew & the amount of teams increased, some of the teams moved to Crosby School at Chatterton Crescent, Scunthorpe. 17 years later our small sided teams are still based at Chatterton Crescent, but unfortunately the links & support from Gunness Parish Council where slowly broken & 15 years ago all the teams moved to Scunthorpe, with the 11 a-side teams playing at Foxhills School.
  With the club no longer having any links with Gunness and the amount of teams we had began to dwindle, it was decided by the remaining members to rename the club Crosby United Junior Football Club in 2008. From this time the amount of teams are increasing by a team per season.
  The club is currently putting together the finishing touches to our FA Charter Standard application.

  We are always looking for volunteers, managers & coaches. If this interests you please contact the secretary.